Saturday, July 27, 2013

Allow me to introduce you

 Most of my gym teachers came across as the sourest unhappy people I've ever seen. They usually came across as lazy, too, since they sat through most of my sweaty adventures and sometimes didn't even leave their desks as they told us to go run a given distance through the neighborhood or on the track. That's ok for many sports because the reward is the fun of the game.But running? I think it needs a formal introduction, you need time to get to know it and warm up to it so you can develop a friendship with it and maybe even fall in love with it. Cotillion for running, if you will. Otherwise, you might feel like it tried to kill you once, and you hope you never encounter it again. If you're like I was, you'd hope that if it tried again it would be successful and mercifully quick.

If you are thinking of giving running a try, I think you should! Just consider it as getting to know someone & building a relationship you'd like to grow stronger over time. Don't go overboard when you first meet - brief, friendly encounters at first. Take it slow & easy. As you're getting to know one another, you may accidentally get hurt - forgive & don't give up on the relationship. Some times you have to start over. You may ignore or neglect your relationship - don't give up on it altogether, you can pick up again & remember all the good times you've had in the past. A day may come when you're so comfortable, that you can't imagine your life without your friend, running.

Like any relationship, you'll get out of it what you put in to it. I have to remind myself of that frequently. I'm not deeply in love with running right now. Our circumstances make me wish I could just forget about it some times - I really can't believe I am going to type these words- until it gets cooler. Yes, the girl who despised cold weather & hated when summer came to an end is now a woman who prefers running in cold weather to   running in the summer heat.

Looking back to those gym teachers, that's another failure on their part. Why would you WAIT until late spring (which is, in Arkansas, is about 30 minutes of pleasant temperature before the blazing heat of summer settles in for 6 months) to introduce running? Shouldn't you train earlier than that for track season? Maybe start running outdoors when it is cool to cold to help the body cope with its internal thermal melt down?

Fortunately, I'm pretty committed to making relationships work. Loyalty is one character flaws or strengths depending on whether I'm running my first mile or last ; ) I'm thinking about meeting Running's relatives, too. I hear Biking and Swimming are absolutely delightful although it's rumored that Swimming is a bit of a fair weather friend.