Sunday, March 4, 2012

Come Fly With Me

Logistics - something at which I will never excel. UPS can run circles around me in that respect. My propensity for procrastination (and the fact that I can be a little lazy) has made it necessary for me to plan for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon more than a year in advance. I am joining a group of ladies to train for a 5K run in 10 weeks. 

I am, however, an optimist. And, according to my late mother, a carpetbagger. As early as the 2nd grade, I started wanting to take my things with me, "in case I needed ." So, I have had a kite in my car since Lydia came home. I've waited for just the right day to get the kite out and watch Lydia experience one of my favorite (and most frustrating) childhood activities. Today was the day it all came together. Doesn't it look like she's doing a great job?

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