Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This little blog o' mine. I'd like to let it shine. I really would. I just can't find much to share right now. I feel like I've completely lost my blogging mojo.

We had a fantastic February - snow, convertible weather, camp out on the deck weather. Good times. While today was as beautiful a day as you could ever ask for, you just never know what we'll be getting tomorrow or the next day for weather.

Regrets? I'm sorry I didn't buy the sled at Bass ProShop right before Christmas. Or order one after the first snow. Or the second. Sigh. And I sort of wish we lived closer to the church's fantastic sledding hill where all the fun kids went sledding & where the photographer who took Lydia's Christmas pictures was snapping pictures. And I wish I came up with fun ideas like making a Dalek snowman & was prepared for it BEFORE it snowed. Now, my pantry was WELL stocked for snow. I was just late to the party in the outdoor venue.

That's about it for right now. I'll be back. Eventually. I think.