Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What did you say?

Lydia wanted to help prepare dinner last week, and as a four year old, there's not a whole lot that is safe for her to do. I opened a can of cream style corn and handed it to her to empty into the pot. She poured it in, looked at me, and said, "Is that throw up?" Sure, honey, we can that so we can have it any time we want.  She's a trusting, soul, though because she ate it later and told me I was the best cook.

One night Lydia was being particularly exasperating as we tried to get ready for bed.  At one point she must've even had enough of herself because she said, "My gosh, Lydia!"

Lydia got a Razorback cap for Christmas, and she was wearing it in the house. "Mommy! I really like my hat. It even has a mirror in it!"

Lydia's twisted lyrics: Some times we all have to relive our glory days, and Lydia is no exception. She still likes to sing the song from the Christmas play. "Behold that star, behold that star up yonder, behold that star. This is the star of Bethlehem. There was no room found in the EAR (inn)." Probably not. It was probably filled with your mother's & father's laughter. 

Sing it, Lydia, sing it!

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