Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, ya'll!

Christmas started off a bit slow for me this year. Given my tendency to procrastinate, that may not seem out of character. While I may wait until the last minute to buy gifts or send out presents, I am usually full of Christmas cheer from Thanksgiving onward.

At any rate, the Christmas lights finally set a fire under Suzy Scrooge and sent her on her way. Lydia and I put a REAL tree up on the front porch complete with zip tie ornament holders for the windy days. Well, really? What's more festive than zip ties? I'll tell you what else, too: I don't mind if the needles fall on the porch nearly as much as when they fall on the floor.

One night Gene picked Lydia up, and she leaned backward to lie in his arms. As he cradled her in his arms, she said, "I'm pretending to be Baby Jesus." Yesterday, she took an armrest cover off a recliner, put it on her head, and said, "Look! I'm Mary." So, she's been 2/3 of the essential Nativity scene players.

On Christmas Eve she announced to the table that she could speak Spanish. And proceeded to count to 3. In Chinese.

We baked cookies together at least 3 different times including a right before bed small batch of slice, roll, cut & bake gingerbread cookies for Santa's snack. I'm sure Santa appreciated how fresh those cookies were. I, on the other hand, have had to get a death grip on the perfectionist who pops out of me at weird moments like that. Santa's not going to hold back just because those cookies aren't "just so." Factor in Lydia's age, and I'm pretty sure he's not expecting Ace of Cakes bakery skills. And so, once again I had to tell the Martha in me to hush!

My baby girl made me so proud, too, when she managed to forgo mentioning a top secret photo shoot to her Daddy. Of course, said photo shoot nearly had the perfectionist pulling her own hair out again. Let's just say that Lydia gets increasingly wiggly as her discomfort/unfamiliarity with a situation increases. Sweet photographer has 3 young children, though, so he knows how it is, and he shot nearly 300(really fast, not sit there & pose) frames to get the 20ish really good ones he edited to print.

Oh!Ho, ho!  You really need to know that Wii has a new version of Just Dance - it's Just Dance2. You'll want to run right out and buy it. You need to know, too, that you can go to the WiiShop & buy EVEN MORE SONGS!!! And how could you resist when they have Mambo #5 and Kung Fu Fighting? I couldn't, and if you can? You're a better person than I am. Probably a much better dancer, too. If you're laughing at my enthusiasm or the mental picture of me dancing, go right ahead. It IS pretty funny, but it's even more fun to dance not caring how ridiculous I look, not worrying about how I'll get off the dance floor if I split my pants, and not worrying (because we have a very strict no camera rule) that I'll end up on youtube or Funniest Home Videos.

Love you all! I'll try to add pictures (not of anyone dancing, weren't you listening?) later.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, how this made me smile! Has she tried being Joseph yet?

And Happy Christmas to you and yours!