Monday, November 29, 2010

A day late

Sorry I missed you guys last Sunday! So, this is like a 2 week Sunday Snapshot, which means I will ramble all over the place.

I have a new love. Oh, I've had a crush for a couple of years now. It was love at first sight, actually. I was utterly enthralled the moment I laid eyes on the iPhone. And now I have my very own!!! Hello, 2010.

Lydia has had us pretty entertained with funny things she's said & done:

  • Lydia: Mommy, are you sure? Me: Yes Lydia: Really sure? Me: Yes. Lydia: Are you positive? Me: Yes. Lydia: Seriously? At which point, all I could do was laugh.
  • Lydia Sunday morning getting ready for church: I don't WANT to wear my boots cause everyone will say I'm pretty!!! Umm, ok. I didn't realize that was a bad thing. & Later in the car: Mom! Mom! I woke up with a bad mood. Well, yes, yes you did.
  • She really, really didn't want to stay in her Sunday school class for the second hour when I was going to be attending the worship service. And would you believe the little Hog fan who couldn't be still for a picture (she's a movement blur & the background is perfect so it's not the camera moving) sat reasonably still for the first time ever through a whole church service?
  • At our house, the cardinal rule is that the last Coke is Mine/Mom's. Gene swiped a gulp of my Coke & a siren started going off. Lydia asked what it was, and I told her it was the alarm I had on my Coke for when Daddy stole a drink. I moved it over toward her & away from Gene. She reached out & touched it and another siren started to go off. You could tell by the expression of wonder on her face that she was starting to believe me, but I began to laugh and she said, "Uh-uh! That's a fire engine!" She's NEVER been gullible. Even as a little 10 month old, you couldn't really fool her. 
  • Dinner consisted of black bean soup (and it is a WINNER!) tonight, and Lydia took one look in her bowl and yelled, "Black Olives!!!! I LOVE black olives!!!" She was almost as excited about the mushrooms on her pizza at lunch.
And now to tell on myself, I will confess a photographer snafu: I often take pictures upside down with my iPhone. I'd feel dumb about it, but I it never happens with my Canon Rebel...
After the best game of the season, Lydia managed to eat the biggest bowl of macaroni & cheese at El Chico. Here she is after she made a happy plate/bowl:

Ni Hao Y'all

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a Tonggu Momma said...

"Seriously?" is one of the Tongginator's favorite words, too! These girls of ours... too funny.