Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't eat the yellow snow

Happy Halloween, ya'll! Our town, the holiday fascists, dictated that trick or treating would happen last night. Now, why the town leaders felt they had the right to decide when I hand out candy on a holiday that isn't a state holiday is a mystery to me. Any way...

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch (ok, I didn't make it last year but I DID go twice the year before so I think we're still averaging one trip/year) on Friday. Cause I am nothing if not last minute. The little dog in the header? Not mine. Just happened to plop down close to that sign & I thought, "HEY! That'd be a cute header for my blog." This year, we actually took the hayride & picked the pumpkin from the patch instead of the pallets of pumpkins they have out front. Lydia found a squished pumpkin and was so sympathetic for it that I thought we were going to have to hold a memorial service for it. For REAL.
After we selected the perfect pumpkin, we had to settle for a shaved ice/snow cone. Up north, I hear, it is the custom to eat apple cider donuts. This has to be better than snow cones.  Normally, Lydia goes for blue coconut flavored stuff, but the man in line in front of us had a yellow banana snow cone which swayed Lydia's decision. Personally, I'm against eating anything that combines yellow and snow.

Drew had a Halloween party last night, and so I took a few shots of Lydia and him in their costumes. 
You're right. It's the same costume as last year. It mostly still fit, my sewing machine is in storage, and I thought it was awfully cute last year. We needed bigger boots, and I got a different hat. If I knew how to photoshop stuff, I could almost make my deck look like a ship's deck, huh? Well, I don't so this will have to do. Have a Happy Halloween & a great week.  
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

What fun!

Last year, Lydia toyed with the idea of riding the rides BRIEFLY. She went so far as to sit in one, but immediately changed her mind and wanted off! Part of her unwillingness to ride may have been due to the fact that she wasn't feeling well. It turned out she was running a fever, but she never complained before left the house to meet Lulu & Grace Ann.
This year, though, she climbed into her first ride with almost no trepidation at all. And once it jerked into motion, her biggest smile emerged. She didn't care who she rode with (I'm pretty sure she didn't really strike up any conversations, though), and she was willing to try any ride EXCEPT the Chinese dragon rollercoaster. Go figure. It was sort of loud, and it required that an adult ride with her. Her little hands were sweating, and she was turning her gaze away from it as we stood in line. I asked her if she really wanted to ride it, and she seemed sort of relieved to say, "No." Rather than ruin her new found confidence, I stepped out of line and let her pick a different ride.
Recent Lydia quotes:
Gene: Has anyone ever told you you're silly?
Lydia: Has anyone ever told you I'm precious?

Gene: Don't do that, Baby.
Lydia: I'm not Baby. I'm Honey!
Please. She's pretty much the queen bee.
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Ni Hao Y'all

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

About a decade ago, I made a new friend through work. Tracey was the first person who ever mentioned the words "community group" to me. She was wondering about what she was going to fix to take to community group. I got the notion that it was some sort of supper club where everyone brought part of the meal and the location rotated to different houses each month.

Years later, Gene and I joined the church Tracey had been attending. Once we'd fallen head over heels in love with this church, we were encouraged to join a community group. That's when I learned that there was a LOT more to a community group than a supper club (and where I learned that making desserts may be one of my spiritual gifts -just kidding! I think I just love making them as much as eating them). Some churches call them small groups, but whatever you call them, they can be such a great way to connect.

When Gene decided that we were going to adopt, he had CONDITIONS. One of those conditions was that we were going to attend church together, something we'd never made a practice. We're pretty private people, and left to our own devices, we'd have loved attending church on Sundays without ever really getting to know anyone. Our church, however, wasn't the sort to let that happen. They didn't FORCE us to join a group, it was just felt right when we committed to the church.

So, after about 4 years, we have settled into our current community group. This is the group that goes camping! And this is the group that make me excited to go sleep in a tent in 100+degree temps. These are the people I got up early (ok, it was early for ME) to paint a bathroom as our City Fest project yesterday.  These are people who cried with us when Gene's mom died, who pray with us, who break bread with us, and who share their lives with us. I tend to believe we're living a bit like the early Church described in Acts lived. We love each others' children, we help each other bear our burdens, and we know we can tell each other anything in absolute confidence. Most importantly, our community group has begun to feel like family and helps me see that we're all part of God's family.

This is my first Sunday Snapshot linked up to Ni Hao, Ya'll  
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