Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still not much going on

Work is slow, the water park is only open on the weekend (and this is the LAST weekend they are open), the new women's Bible study hasn't started, BUT football season is about to come roaring in. It's supposed to be a promising football season, and yet the spirit of excitement hasn't even begun to stir in me. Isn't anticipation supposed to be a big part of the joy in an upcoming event? Hopefully, I'm just conserving energy for the actual event.

I've always been the sort most people consider "low key", not given to extremes. Still, I always found it embarrassingly easy to cry. For the past two years, though, I haven't cried much - not at funerals, not at commercials, not during those touching moments in movies that used to have Gene smirking and looking  sideways at me to see when the water works would start. The message at church on Sunday was about caring for orphans, a subject very dear to my heart. I only managed a few tears that seemed to be glued to my eyes determined to blur my vision lacking either the gravity to fall or more tears to force them out of the way.

While that seemed really odd to me, I've since cried buckets. I've cried and prayed for the health and life of a precious little girl just home from China whom the doctors have given no hope. I've cried over this video on youtube that I found to be very moving. In fact, I cried so much Monday that on Tuesday my eye lids were still thick and fat as if they'd stored tears like a hamster stores food in its cheeks. Watching Aftermath with William Shatner: Ruby Ridge , I teared up as I listened to Sara Weaver tell of how she forgave the people who killed her mother and brother and how forgiving them set her free. Maybe the last one wasn't so odd, even Mr. Shatner shed some very real tears as he listened.

So, while not much has been going on & I'm not sure of any of its significance, there it is. I will say that I don't mind the tears coming back. I'd hate to think that maturity meant I was going to be  increasingly detached and less sympathetic.

Finally, to reward those who come to see pictures of Lydia and suffer through my ramblings to get to them, I'm going to try to change the header picture with every post. Note I said TRY. It takes a while to do so skip down to the title to make sure it hasn't changed.  Love ya! Thanks for caring enough to follow along.

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