Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flash back

I was recounting a story from college to one of my patients Tuesday. A decade and a half ago, my father wanted me to become a pharmacist, and I sat for the PCAT test. While waiting for the results, I was taking organic chemistry.  The instructor seemed so witty and nice the first day. He insisted we could come to his office during his office hours and ask ANYTHING, there were no stupid questions.

I completely aced the first quiz, but I was struggling to interpret something from the book before the second one. It seemed there were two ways it COULD be interpreted, but one way was right & the other way wouldn't be. Taking the good professor at his word, I hauled my backpack up to his office and waited, and waited and waited to ask my question. He was soooo jovial as he answered all the cute, giggly girls' questions. Some of those questions might have seemed silly, but, none of them were stupid -he'd assured us there were no such things.

At last, my turn came to ask my question. I explained my dilemma that as I saw it there were two possible ways to name whatever organic chemical it was, and I couldn't decide which was correct. Can you imagine my chagrin, the stinging humiliation I felt when Dr. Gigglebox said, "Well! Did you read the book?!?" A little flustered, I opened the book to the passage that had me confused to show him the wording that had me perplexed. I got my answer, but I vowed I wouldn't go ask that miserable old wind bag another "not stupid question" if that was the treatment I was going to receive.

Today, my women's Bible study began. We're studying the book of James, and our praise & worship leader, Aaron, did an interpretive recitation of the WHOLE book from memory. Wow! It really helped me understand the book better, and I really was moved. That's God's word, written in Aaron's memory and on his heart. 

I felt pretty humbled. You see, I'd started the day off in a snit. It's true, and I'll own up to it: I am resistant to change. The powers that be within our women's ministry changed our day and time of Bible study, and it is a one shot deal. ALL the studies are on one day at the same time. Thursday is the worst possible day for me to take a half day out of my part time job. Totally inconvenient! for So. Many. Reasons. 

But as I sat there this morning, the Holy Spirit stirred within me taming the rebellion that was stirring up a hurricane of discontent. And as a gentle peace settled over me (as it always seems to when I study God's word with these ladies), I had a moment of resolve. I want to know my God better. I want to want the things He wants, and reading His word is one of the ways to get there.

I don't want to ask Him a question someday and have Him say, even with the gentlest hint of rebuke, "Well, have you read the Book?" 

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