Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lydia started telling us stories. The made up variety of stories as if they were real kind of stories. For instance, she started talking about how Gege took her to the river last day (usually means yesterday in Lydia language), and Lydia floated down the river to the bridge. Well, Drew has NEVER taken her to the river. There were at least 3 other fictitious stories told on the way to dinner.

I was supposed to choose the restaurant for dinner tonight, and I chose Moe's. Lydia was none too pleased. A few minutes later, she came back with some line of how Moe's would do. I had to laugh because there are times that my own words come right out of her mouth, and there is no doubt that she is my daughter.

And speaking of choosing a restaurant, have you ever experienced that reluctance of everyone in a group to make a decision/choice? Lydia is the solution. She WILL offer a suggestion and or make a choice in this situation. I don't need that iPhone ap to pick for me. I have Lydia.

Next post may or may not be about one of my bosses who reminds me of Dawn French as the Vicar of Dibley.

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day by day said...

that's cute! you never really know what will come out of their mouth. I know just what you mean about hearing yourself thru them!! Ella used to always say "last day" which meant yesterday or any day prior! : )