Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've been married to Gene for nearly a quarter of a century. To say I've been lucky or blessed is an understatement because I didn't just get a husband. God gave me a godly mother in law, too.

I never argued with my MIL. There was never any need. Roberta was always there if I needed her, and she wasn't intrusive by nature. You couldn't have asked for a more caring family member, but she somehow managed to respect us enough to give us enough room to breathe. If she was ever critical of me or what I did, I never knew it, either. If you have a monster in law, I'll certainly feel sorry for you, but I won't have any experiences to share with you of how I handled a similar situation with my MIL.

This morning we received the call from hospice that my mother in law had passed away. That hospice made the call tells you we knew she would be leaving us soon. She had Alzheimer's, and she's had a steady decline over the last few months so my tears aren't in shock. Mostly they are because my children no longer have any grandparents and because Lydia won't get to know Roberta the way Drew did.

It was a given with Alzheimer's that Roberta wouldn't have gotten better, but she never forgot who her immediate family was. She remembered that we were getting Lydia while we were in China, and she never forgot her after meeting her. She latched onto Lydia's name and must've tattooed it on her heart because she never even struggled to remember it.  I don't even know how to tell Lydia she's gone.

I mourn that Lydia won't be able to share the experiences Drew had with their grandmother. She got him out of daycare weekly to take him to story time at the library. When I was young and arrogant enough to think that I didn't need to attend church because God was everywhere and not just in church, Roberta took Drew to church weekly. I have to give most the of the human credit for Drew's spirituality to her, and I am so thankful that she, my father in law, and God led him in the right direction while I was standing still or wandering in the wrong directions.

I'm thankful for the wonderful woman who was my mother in law, my heart rejoices that she's gone to be where her soul undoubtedly rejoices to be, and I cry because we've lost someone so dear.

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Shelle said...

So beautiful Suzy. I'm so sorry for your loss, wishing you all peace.