Monday, August 23, 2010

The goods

A list of a few good things from the last few days:

1. I made it to the grocery store.
2. B/C of #1 we have THREE gallons of milk (we are always running out b/c the boy/man child thinks of milk as a beverage - I consider it a condiment for cereal or a necessary ingredient for something else)
3. I cooked dinner! I'm not sure why #1 & #3 have been so difficult lately, but we have eaten out a BUNCH.
4. I worked today & my case load is building back up (I am claiming that in faith! b/c really, I only have 2 patients).
5. I have a really cool new boss whose British-ness tickles me no end! It's like BBC telly, only LIVE & in person. AND? She likes BBC, so I have someone who shares Drew's & my love of Top Gear!
6. We had a bit of rain. It's still hot. It's still humid, but we needed the rain so that's good.
7. My friends returned from Disney World. I was half convinced they'd stay as they were loving it so much. They went without children. Can you imagine how easy that must've been?
8. Drew returned to school. It's his last year!
9. Really, life has been sort of mundane, but somehow, I am really liking that.

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Football and Fried Rice said...

I think going to the grocery store is a HUGE chore :) I have learned to grocery shop at the places that have a Starbucks in them - a little treat for my efforts :)

Disney without kids? Bring it on!!!