Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quacking up

Those who know me well know that for over a decade of my life I lived to show dogs. We had MANY dogs. We added a shop to our property with indoor/outdoor runs for the dogs (and a big honking workshop for Gene, but he sold me on the idea by pitching it as good for the dogs). We invested almost as much money (maybe more) as we did time on the dogs, equipment, and entry fees to the shows.

Let's just say that things have changed. While there is nothing wrong with showing dogs, showing dogs being the REASON you think you live might be a little skewed. So, we've reset our moral compasses. We only have 5 dogs (I know! You're thinking that is still a whole lot of dogs!!!), and we don't need all the dog equipment we have. Gene probably would have gladly put it on the curb for anyone to pick up. I would have gladly gone to my grave with it still neatly in the shop. Since I can't take it with me when I am gone, though, I gave in.

Gene placed an ad on Craig's List, and the response has been overwhelming. And, ummm, interesting. You need to know that there are people out there who will call out of random curiosity. Those same people may come by just to look. Some of those people will swear they will come back with cash in hand for "this, that & that, too." You may never hear from these people ever again. Or you may hear from them a week later when you've given up on them and sold those items to someone else.

Some folks will want a price, "If I buy the whole lot" which I think they should stop being lazy & just add it up their own darned self. People! This is already deeply discounted!!! All of it is in good to excellent condition. I try to be patient. I just have to share the most unusual email, though:

"Do you have pictures of anything that could be used for duck housing? I currently am in need of houses for 8 ducks…"

Ya'll. Seriously. We do NOT have a quack house.

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