Friday, June 4, 2010

LaLa Land

It's not what you think. You see, when Lydia was younger, she referred to herself as LaLa because she couldn't say Lydia. LaLa has morphed into someone else, though. She's that little busybody who is always doing something wrong. Lydia is constantly telling us about LaLa's misdeeds or what LaLa says.

Lydia, however, continues to amuse us with funny things she says:

1. Mommy! Mommy! This cherry doesn't have a handle (stem)!
2. No, Mommy. It's not cotton farming it's cotton candy!
3. "This one is blue. This one is purple. This one is green. This one is yellow. And those are your options." She was showing all her plastic spoons to someone - LaLa maybe?
4. She used consequently in a sentence, too, which sort of blew my mind.

I'm going to have to start carrying something around to write these down so I can remember them.

Oh! And Lydia went to her first concert last week. Lulu, who is MY best friend and in no way related to LaLa, took us to see Kris Allen. Lydia had a super time with Grace Ann. They shared cotton candy, popcorn, and M&Ms.

Finally, a prayer request: please pray for our friend, Tim & his family. Tim is undergoing tests & we want good results!

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