Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Atta Girl!

I am one proud mommy today. My baby girl did something many a grown man appears to be incapable of doing. I'm seriously considering making a tutorial starring Lydia to use in public service announcements. She may even start giving public presentations at events men commonly attend to teach this incredible skill - Look! It's so simple a 3 year old can do it!

Lydia went upstairs, got a roll of toilet paper, carried it to the downstairs bathroom, and put it on the roller! All! By! Herself! Even better? I didn't even tell her to do it!!! Nor have I ever asked her to replace the roll. That, my friends, is showing some initiative.

Thanks for listening. I was just about to burst with pride.


day by day said...

lol!! Yes, men AND teenagers!! I would love her to come to my house and give a lesson or two to my teenagers who just can't seem to bring themselves to complete that task!!

thanks for your sweet comment yesterday!!

have a great week-end!

Shelle said...

ha! you always crack me up. I wonder does Gene find you just as funny as I do????