Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I don't really feel like blogging about the events of life happening around me right now. You can watch an episode of Jerry Springer if you want to get the general idea.

Instead, I want to do something a little lighter and fluffier. So, I'm going to do a list of things I AM enjoying right now:

*BBC America: it has some of my new favorite shows. I've stumbled onto Dr. Who and Top Gear, and I'm hard pressed to say which I like more. Probably Dr. Who, but I could just swoon listening to the guys on Top Gear enthuse over automobiles. And the way they say "aluminum" makes me giggle. Ummm, and when they talk about "brake horse power", I find that a teeny little bit amusing, too. I want to be a guest celebrity to drive their track in their reasonably priced car, but they need to get either an automatic or one with the gear shift where God intended gear shifts to go (on the right hand side, naturally). I think my son should be The Stig for Halloween next year.

*Build A Be@r: oh, the accessories!!!! They don't get lost as easily as B@rbie's shoes. No one makes me feel guilty about how playing with them will damage my daughter's psyche and ruin her body image.

*American Idol: is it Simon's accent? the really talented? the really untalented? the stories? Who knows, but for whatever reason, I really do enjoy it.

*My new church building, my new Sunday school curriculum, my new(ish) community group, and my women's Bible study. Oh! And Drew gave me My Utmost for His Highest & that's really, really good, too!

*Watching as my son trains for a half marathon. I am proud of my couch potato!

*Taking Lydia to gymnastics. If she ever settles down & pays attention, I think she's got potential.

There. I feel better now. It's not exactly counting my blessings, but it does remind me that it's not all bad.