Sunday, December 13, 2009

All over the place

Fasten your seatbelts, this post is going all over the place.

Last night Lydia and I went to our first Christmas party of the year. There were so many beautiful families there! There were children from several different countries decked out in their holiday best. Guess who else was there? SANTA. Lydia and I waited for her turn to sit on his lap, and she was a teeny bit anxious. The little girl immediately in front of us in line began to scream and cry when placed in his lap, and I figured Lydia would follow her example. She didn't though, and I am hoping the photographer got a good shot of her big cheesy grin.

If you're wondering if she asked the jolly old elf for macaroni and cheese, I don't know. When I asked her what she asked for, she said, "A boy!" Hmmm. Is that better than asking for a pony?

The other day we were in the car, and she was asking a BUNCH of questions. She dropped something and asked me if I knew where it was. I said, "I don't have a clue." Her response?
"Get a clue, Mommy!" Hehehe.

She's 3 now, and keeping her out of the tree? It's not so easy. One heavy ornament was lying at the base of the tree (not sure how it got there), and she snatched it up. I sternly told her to bring it to me. She complied but not quite how I'd hoped. She walked toward me and HURLED it. I had no time to react, and it hit me below the corner of my mouth. OUCH!!! and time out. The girl has quite an arm. and while I don't want to stunt her development into a world class softball pitcher, for the safety of my smile, it was necessary.
Our church has moved into our new building - we were meeting in trailors, ya'll. I got to teach my 3 & 4 year old class in my new room for the first time. It was great! And we started a new curriculum, too, called Kingdom Kids. I LOVED IT!!! It was so much easier than trying to wing it, and I didn't feel like it was quite so chaotic. Plus, they really got Sunday School instead of crowd control/babysitting.
BTW, when I tried to get some clarification of what sort of boy she wanted, she told me, "A brown one." Which was followed by, "And a pink one, and an orange one. Now, Mommy! I want one now." Hmmm. I'm more puzzled than before I asked.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Check Engine Light

I really, Really, REALLY wanted to adopt from China. I think God must have planted this desire in my heart long ago, but it grew into the biggest mustard tree of desire in about 2004. I'm not so sure He had planted the same seed in Gene's heart at the same time because he was what adoption bloggers call a RH (Reluctant Husband). However, God is a mighty God, and He gave me a very, very good husband.

One cold, rainy day my husband called me at work, and my heart nearly stopped. He asked me if I remembered him telling me that his truck's check engine light had been on, and I did remember that. I'd taken him to pick it up from the garage after I thought they had fixed it.

They had NOT fixed it. They said there was no real problem - just a faulty indicator, and if he could live with the annoyance of the light, it would save him money. As Gene told me that, I thought, "Oh, GREAT! The engine blew up. That's going to cost a fortune to fix." I should never assume I know where a conversation is going, though, because that's not at all what had happened.

It turned out that Gene had asked God if we were supposed to adopt. And he asked for a sign. Being a man, he didn't ask in a general "give me a sign" that could be misinterpreted. Oh, no. He asked God to make that check engine light go off if He wanted us to adopt.

And you know what? When Gene came back to the truck that light was off. I thought he'd asked for a pretty silly sign since if the light stayed on, it would presumably eventually burn out. That wasn't the case, though, it still comes on when you start the truck like it is supposed to do.

I can't say it was all easy from that point on, but we did proceed with adopting from China. What followed after that prayer has been nothing short of one of the most extreme home makeovers, ever. Maybe I'll blog about that another day. Right now I'm just going to stop and thank God for Gene, his truck, and God's willingness to answer Gene's prayer so clearly.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Secrets

Remember my recent post about secrets? I got a coupon for a free pair of under we@r from that store, and who doesn't like free stuff? So, I went, got my free pair, washed them and I wore them yesterday. Can I tell you a secret? I'd rather go without than wear them again. After years of wearing their USUAL cotton product, they've gone all cheap and there are seams at the side. All day as I worked, I kept thinking, "WHAT is wrong with me? Something is rubbing at my waist. What could it be???" And it sort of made me irritable. One of my patients commented that I was quiet and seemed preoccupied.

Gene wanted to take me and Lydia out to eat last night, and I promise you that I had to go home and change under garments before I could go out to eat.

So I sent them an email and let them know I've had better luck with the brand Mich@el Jord@n promotes. I so hope they go back to making them seamless. It was worth the extra money for how comfortable they were. Gene would tell you that I don't splurge on many things, and I HATE the mall. They had previously earned my devotion, and I was a loyal customer.