Monday, November 9, 2009

What's in a name? AKA: the post I meant to do Sunday

Do you like to pick out names? I do. In fact, I love doing it. Back when Gene and I were showing dogs, thinking up a registered name for the dog was one of my favorite things. If we could come up with a theme for a litter of puppies? Even better! If the registered name went with the call name? I felt like I'd hit some incredible jackpot. One friend had a litter she wanted to use the word "tell" in all the registered names. I came up with "Dakota (kennel name)'s Tell Tail Heart" which was a play on the famous Poe short story title. I did a litter with "wish" in all the registered names. My friend Kathy came up with my favorite, "Premier's From Wags to Wishes."

It took Gene and I an eternity to decide on Lydia's name. Or rather to agree on a name. He wanted to use the name Grace for her middle name, and I just thought it had an odd flow with our last name. Now that she calls me Mommy Grace and him Daddy Grace when she's feeling spunky I can't imagine a different middle name for our family ; )

BUT if I could pick any last name, any name at all, I think I'd choose Tejada. I'm convinced it's the best last name in the world. Why? It just sounds good with anything. No, wait. It makes any name sound even better. Suzy Tejada? Well, that sounds all kinds of special to me. Does Jane sound plain to you? How about Jane Tejada? or Ethel Tejada. See? It's just better. And if all else failed you could just go by "Ms. Tejada." Say it with me, "Tay HA Duh!"(be sure to put the emphasis on HA).

There are any number of names I don't like. Leonard is not a name I like, but it wouldn't have stopped me from marrying one if his last name was Tejada. Or, you know, I really loved him. And I weren't already married to Gene.


Shelle said...

hmm...Mattea Tejada or as we call her "Tay-Tay" Tejada, ya like it???

Gina said...

This made me smile!

a Tonggu Momma said...

You? Crack me up. I love the way your mind works. As for me? I love my new last name. No offense to my dad, but oh my lands did I get stuck with a sucky maiden name. I am SO glad to be rid of it... except, like an idiot, I kept it as my middle name. WHY did I do that? Maybe I should change my middle name to Tejada and be done with it.