Sunday, November 8, 2009


Happy Game Day! Fayetteville had glorious weather perfectly suited for the football game.

I started the day with wet pants - Drew had put ice in the ice chest. All but one piece of ice. One piece was in my seat, partially melted. He thought it was pretty funny, and he was impressed with the speed with which I jumped back out of the van.

At the game, Lydia was thrilled to see our mascots. It's just like her relationship with Lulu - she loves them most from a distance. I happily pointed out the band as they marched in, and it must have been the first time she'd ever really paid any attention to them . She turned to me and asked, "Why do they have buckets on their heads?" Good question. I think it's to make them look taller.

We drove back home, and then it was on to our community group's chili cook off. I think sitting around the bonfire and eating s'mores was the best part.

The day ended the way it started : with me wearing wet pants. Yep. Lydia spilled raspberry lemonade in my lap, down my pants leg, and into my shoe, too.

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