Friday, November 27, 2009

How cool is that?

Last night, one of my F@ceb00k friends mentioned that he'd seen the International Space Station orbit over his house. I was rather bummed because I'd missed it. But you know what's cool about it? It was going to happen again tonight. And there's a LINK to tell you when it will pass over your zipcode, too! So, at 6pm, we all went to our "observation" deck upstairs to see it. And we DID see it. How cool is that? It's about as bright as a planet right now but it moves a little slower than an airplane. I'm sure it's much, much faster than an airplane really, but it appears to move slower than one. You know what's sort of funny about this whole story? I wouldn't wait in line outside for Black Friday shopping, but I stood out on my deck waiting to see the space station orbit overhead. Where are my priorities?

And in other news: a ladybug rode on my windshield this evening. Referrals must surely be on their way soon. At least I dearly hope that's the case for those who are STILL waiting. Those still in line have waited long enough to go through two consecutive elephant pregnancies, I think.

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day by day said...

That really IS cool, Suzy! Wish I had read this a little earlier.

Hope you are all well! I don't think I have you as a FB friend? My e-mail address is if you wanna find me over there. Not that I am finding much time to be on it these days... : )