Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harder than it sounds

Posting every day, even for a month, is harder than it sounds. What do I post about? That there was a ladybug in my van today? That I wish more people handed out chocolate at Halloween and fewer people handed out pure sugar even if it is fruit flavored? That the Phillies' bats let Cliff Lee's arm down & denied him his national championship? Maybe I'll just tell a few funny Lydia stories.

Last week as I was running around trying to find a pirate hat, Lydia was SO LOUD!!! I kept trying to get her to use an "inside voice", WHISPER, be quiet, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I couldn't even use Google information because it kept hearing her chatter and would get confused and ask for the city and state over and over. Finally, I was on the road again, and Lydia was watching Dora. Dora was telling something or the other to open in Spanish - ABRE. Lydia kept saying HABLA (speak). I tried to correct her by saying ah and loudly stressing the BRAY. From the back seat I hear, "Don't scream, Mommy." Well, then.

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