Sunday, August 2, 2009

Woo PIG Suzy

This is the post where you begin to wonder if the name of my blog comes from my love of the Razorbacks or of food. And let me confess that it began as a reference to my status as a Razorback fan and how Suzy sounds quite like the Sooooie in the middle of WooooooooooPIGSoooooie! when we call the Hogs.

But HOLY MOLY do I love me some Food Network. I mentioned my affection for DriveIns, Diners & Dives before. It makes me want to hop into the convertible and tour the country. (Which reminds me that I MUST find a way to get a carseat in there for Lydia).

I'm watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate right now about desserts. Heaven HELP ME, PLEASE. I am giddy watching this show. They use words like "To Die For" and Chef Michael Symon just put away THREE toasted marshmallow shakes. It would kill me. But I think I'd die a very, very happy woman. Or I'd never want to see another milk shake again. EVER. Or at least for a day. And the guilt that the wii would make me feel as I stepped on it? The shame. The degradation.

It might actually be worth it.

I may have to block this channel if I'm ever going to lose weight. Even the Good Eats episode about toast made me get up to make toast (who doesn't have bread - even stale bread- in her kitchen plus a toaster????). C'mon, Food Network, have mercy!!! Why don't you take a cue from Shark Week and do a month of seafood? Focus on Fungus for a week? Spend some time on making the perfect broccoli and cauliflower? I'm sure I could lose weight if you did. I may just have to go back to China in the summer. I lost ten pounds in about 2.5 weeks. That was before I knew about the Food Network. Surely they don't have Food Network in China. (Please God, keep the Western Devils from Food Network out of China. I need a safe place).


a Tonggu Momma said...

You and the Tongginator... she BEGS to watch the Food Channel. And it's hard to not eat when watching Tyler or Guy or Giada or... you get the picture.

LucisMomma said...

:) Love the name of your blog. I had to visit after seeing it listed on a friend's blog roll. I went to school in Arkansas (Harding, not the Razorback's place!) and I got my 3 yo nephew a razorback hat for Christmas one year--he kept yelling "Woo-pig-Susie!" (my name is susan)At the time it was cute, but after watching too much foodnetwork tv, there is too much of Susie!

Shelle said...

OMG you crack me up!

I was always going to ask you about Woopig- now I know. One more mystery solved.