Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainbow after all the rain

The rain finally stopped, our house is FINALLY painted, and we've been busy getting ready for the Rainbow. Our socks are never going to be as white, the floor will have to be slept and mopped with increased frequency, we'll sweat more, laundry is going to be a marathon event and the mosquitoes are rejoicing and preparing for a very good year:

Why does she have to use everything in an unconventional way? Is it just because she's 2?
Life is good right now~
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Shelle said...

Have you had the Rainbow for a while? She is going to love it! Mattea walks up the slide and belly swings- it's just a kid thing! We have had rain for 5 days- ugh- so depressing, but we really need it. Hope eveything is going well!

Suzy said...

Shelle, no, we just got it last week. We had to have a spot leveled and dirt moved around, then a low retaining wall built. Yesterday, Rainbow sent the guy out to put it all together. And Lydia LOVES it! Just needs a playmate to come enjoy it with her.