Sunday, June 28, 2009


After many prayers, bad weather, a flat tire, a trim motor that gave up the ghost, we FINALLY made it to the lake, into the water, and off the trailer. Wooooohoooooooo! Last year and the year before, Lydia wasn't too sure about the boat or the water. This year, she couldn't wait to get into the water, and I was afraid she'd squirm out of my lap before we left the no wake zone. I told her to sit still because we were about to go, "Super Fast!" Once the pace picked up, she was ALL smiles and perfectly content to sit in my lap, enjoying the breeze on her face. In fact, we had a hard time convincing her to swim as she was demanding that we go, "SUPER FAST!" again. She even rode on one of the towables with me and Drew. I think she's going to be quite the little water bug.

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Shelle said...

What, no photos, seriously??? What's a girl gotta do to get her Lydia fix?

Yay Lydia, you little waterbug! Mattea loves super fast boat rides too but jumping on the towables, not so much...yet.