Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Branson Vacation

Things you need to know before you go to Silver Dollar City:
1.Bring your stroller - it'll be handy for carrying STUFF even if your child is perfectly well mannered and holds your hand while standing beside you and gazing adoringly at her mama and daddy. It'll cost you $11 and a long wait in line if you don't follow my advice.

2. Your child must be 36 inches tall to ride ANY ride except the train. If you're inclined to test this rule you might try a great big hair bow right on top of your lovely's head. Big hair will simply wilt in the humidity. Yes. Even in April.

3. Pay ahead of time for the Show Lover's pass. Or stand in line for over an hour to get a crummy seat. Bonus of the Show Lover's pass (aside from no waiting and really great seats?) is that the acrobats will fly right over your head!

4. If you can POSSIBLY swing it: go on a week day. Wednesday is probably the best day, but for sure do not go on a weekend. There were over 14,000 people there. Yes. In April.

5. Take the lens cap off your camera a long, long time before you want a picture. It's just like China in August: the lens will fog up. Just so you know.

6. Be prepared to have a really, really great time. Because even with the crowd, humidity, etc., your child is going to love it. Look at Lydia's face where she's riding the frog - I know it's blurry, but you can see how much fun she's having.

Other fun we had in Branson: The Dixie Stampede. Lydia simply LOVED it. She thought the horses were great, the soup was great, getting to clap and yell, and stomp it was all GREAT. No forks or spoons for eating? That was just a bonus.

Swimming/floating in the indoor pool: loads of fun even if she was a bit hesitant at first. She was eventually blowing bubbles and kicking which is good since we have season passes to the water park closest to us.

Branson Landing: shopping - ok. Macaroni Grill outdoor dining with a view of the lake - pretty good. Build A Bear - maybe a little overwhelming at 2.5 years old, but so worth it to hear her explaining to Drew this morning, "This is my Panda Bear, LingLing!"

So, all in all a really good 4 day weekend get away! Thanks for making it happen, Gene, and thanks to Mary and Jim for letting us use the time share.
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Fences vs Good Neighbors

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Drew let the dogs out, and about 10 minutes later, he was going to put them into their runs. PANIC!!! One of our gates had been left open by the painter who is repainting our house. Hope, who is our usual escape artist, was lying on the front porch. The boys were all inside the fence. Mamie was gone.

I was about to leave for work, but I dropped everything to search for Mamie. I'd no sooner walked up the driveway than a Jeep Cherokee pulled in with Mamie riding in the driver's lap. This young man said, "I saw her running loose, and I knew you had this breed of dog." I've never seen this young man before, but I don't think I can ever thank him enough. And while that poetic line from Robert Frost's poem, "Mending Wall," that Good fences make good neighbors may be true some of the time, I was so grateful for the even better neighbor who helped me out when the fence failed to keep my dog safely inside the yard.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Egg Hunting

It was a REALLY tall slide, but Lydia wasn't scared.

Dancing before the hunting.
It's a target rich environment. I think she got her limit.
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