Thursday, March 5, 2009

A matter of trust

Call me gullible if you want, but I've always been a rather trusting sort of person. For instance, my father was a salesman who often times bought something from his customers. On one particular occasion, he brought home a yellow and white bicycle with the most BEAUTIFUL white basket complete with yellow and white daisies. It was some kind of special. It was a John Deere. This bicycle was clearly meant to be mine. My brother wouldn't have wanted it, and it was a big girl bike so it couldn't have possibly been my younger sister's. No, this glorious creation had to be mine.

Never mind that it didn't have training wheels. My daddy said he'd teach me how to ride without those infantile 4th and 5th wheels. And so he did. He ran along behind me on the side walk, he'd let go for brief periods, grab hold to correct any losses of balance I experienced, then repeat that cycle. I had not a care in the world because there was no way my daddy was going to let me down. If he said I could do it, I could do it.

And, of course, I could ride it without training wheels when he let go. I was doing a fantastic job of riding down that lovely, straight sidewalk. UNTIL

Until I was running out of sidewalk and needed to stop. And there was no one holding onto the back of the bike. Well, of course, you just pedal backward to activate the brakes, right? Ok, I did that. I had a big problem: the bike was too big for me to reach the ground with my butt on the seat. And still, I wasn't worried because there was the most beautiful, soft green grass I would just fall into.

Only it wasn't that soft, and I broke my arm. Unlike my buddy Tonggu Momma, though, I don't remember it hurting much - although I'm sure it must have. What I do remember is how angry my mother was with my father for allowing it to happen and how I got to spend a couple of hours with her during my trip to the ER ALL BY MYSELF. And quality time alone with my mom? Well, it was worth breaking my arm. 

Did I learn anything from that experience? Of course I did! I learned that I had to get off the seat to put my foot down when I needed to stop the bike. It wasn't until I was a grown woman that it ever occurred to me that my dad should have seen that the bike was too big for me or that I'd likely hurt myself trying to ride it. 


a Tonggu Momma said...

This painted SUCH a picture and then - wham! - you broke your arm? Ouch. I'm glad you don't remember how it felt.

Carla said...


almost makes me forget that I want to respond to you on BSG!

Have you seen Or something like thetruth....something or other run by SciFi? Ah...good times.

Okay, Daniel - we think Daniel is Starbuck's father (the piano memory and the song he taught her was the song the 4 on BSG heard that Anders played in his memory of Earth that was). I think Starbuck is the Harbinger of Death because once Cylons started "procreating" then they didn't need resurrection, thus no need for the hybrids. The cycle would start over again. BUT...can we explain the Starbuck on Earth? Gaeta's secret? That came out in the Webisodes, Gaeta thought he was creating a list of people to save and #8 (Boomer? Athena? or just another 8 I can't remember)...anyway, she took that list and THAT is who they selected to kill. Gaeta is the one who actually ordered them killed. Sam will recover I think...and he'll awaken with full memories I think. :) Laura live? doubtful....but perhaps? Hera should be interesting...I think if it comes out that Starbuck is actually Daniel's child, then Hera is NOT the only one. She becomes less of a "bargaining chip" and HOPEFULLY Boomer will find a way to get her back to Athena. PLEASE?! and HOW did Hera know that song? I think Athena WILL forgive Helo...she just HAS to...

my question? WHO is Baltar? Other than what they have portrayed him as.