Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey! Over here!

I'm the sort of person who prays off and on all day (so take that! There was prayer in public school!). And I make a concentrated effort to seriously pray before I go to sleep at night - it's when my mind is usually at its most focused. Now, all of that is not said for you to respond, "Good for YOU, Suzy. You're a good girl." Nope. It's just a bit of background info.

THIS morning I decided to pray for my day before I ever left my soft, comfy bed. And it must have been like waving a red flag in front of a bull to Satan or taping a "Kick Me!" sign of my back. How did he respond?

Lydia woke up in a FOUL mood, and this lead to an exponential increase in the amount of time it took to get out the door this morning. Why would this matter so much on Monday? I have a Bible study group Monday morning, and I REFUSE TO MISS IT. I'd done my homework, and I was determined to go.

Next, my short cut was barricaded this morning. Ok, it had happened last week, but it was open again at the end of the week so I thought it had been fixed. Thanks to that little detour, I had to back track. I finally made it to the sitter's house at the time our group begins. I was, at that point, officially late.

But, I did make it. And God? He was looking out for me. He played Mark Harris's "One True God" on the radio for me. And don't think the lyrics, "I don't have a care that I carry alone," didn't resonate with me while I was struggling to get to my Bible study. He knew I needed to be there, and He got me there. When I got there? That God, He just knows me and loves me just how I need to be loved! He saved me the last as in VERY last piece of quiche and some mandarin oranges. Thanks so much for getting me there, God, for loving me, and providing for me and for pushing Satan out of the way. Who knows how awful this morning would have been without that prayer?

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