Saturday, February 7, 2009

No Catchy Title

And the post doesn't really have anything to do with the pictures. I just know most of us want to see pictures, and I haven't posted any recently. These were taken on our upper deck today while Lydia and I enjoyed the absolutely wonderful weather.
Gene's mother was in the hospital last week because she stopped walking. After all sorts of tests, consults, and therapy, we still don't know why, and she's still not walking. She asked to go to a nursing home, and we honored her request. Lydia calls the nursing home MeeMa's new house.
On a happier note, (Gene probably isn't any happier since he thinks we spent way too much money - he has no real appreciation of how much groceries cost sometimes), we went to Walmart where I encountered a former co-worker, a former patient I treated while waiting for Lydia's referral, and my optometrist (he was pushing two very CUTE little girls in his cart). It was so nice to see Gina, the former co-worker! She was skinnier and prettier than ever. I think having kids does that for some people.
And I'll close by asking for your prayers for my MIL, Gene, and a little girl in China we call Felicity (she's not mine and she REALLY needs a mom and dad).
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Gina said...

You are too sweet! You looked great, too! It was so good to see you all! Love these picts!