Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey, ya'll! Happy New Year!

Sometimes you have not a thing to blog about, then you can't seem to stop. Lately, I've had stuff going on that I really can't blog about (I'm bound by HIPPA to maintain patient confidentiality) due to work or else it would be telling too much about a friend's or family's situation.  So imagine my delight when I had things to blog about that shouldn't jeapodize my friendships, job, or membership in my family!
First, I have a new show to add to my list of favorites: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network! They caught my attention with Chino Bandito which offers a combination of two of my absolute favorite ethnic foods: Mexican and Chinese!!! And while I may never get to eat there, they had my attention. And Donatelli's in Minnesota (Hello, Michelle? I may HAVE to come to MN now) sounds like the sort of place I would want to eat at again and again. And the same guy, Guy Fieri, hosts a cook off type show where not yet celebrity cooks compete to have their recipe added to the menu at TGIFriday's. It's only too clear that I will HAVE to dvr these shows AND begin to spend time on the treadmill. 
Second, Lydia said one of the saddest things ever: "Daddy! My heart is BROKEN." Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? Goody's is liquidating all their stuff, Gene bought her a bracelet with various shades of pink hearts on it, and one of them fell out. So at the tender age of 27 months, Lydia's heart has been broken. She was quite prepared to throw the bracelet in the trash.  She's not sentimental apparently.