Friday, October 17, 2008

A day in the life of Lydia

Before Lydia woke up this morning, I checked on one of the blogs I follow to a reminder that today is part of Shanny's PhoBloggy Days. I ran to get a camera & get started!

This is the view from my window. You can tell by the angle of the sunlight that I got to sleep in late (ok, and if you're not talented with the angle of the sun, there's a time stamp at the bottom that should read AM instead of PM). I am blessed!

These two monkeys were the first to greet me in the morning.

Breakfast is yummy Eggo Cinnamon toast. Don't judge me. We split an apple, too. And tomorrow, Daddy is bound to take us to IH0P or Cr*cker B*rrel or he might even scramble eggs & cook turkey bacon.

Lydia dressing herself. I did not pick out any of this ensemble.
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Shannon said...

Great pics! Thanks for playing along!