Friday, October 17, 2008


After we got home, Lydia changed into her PJ's, brushed her teeth, listened to her bedtime story, said her prayers and went to sleep. Tonight, she actually took the lead during her prayer and asked God to bless Mommy, Daddy, GeGe, LuLu, and Unk. I suggested a few more blessings to which she'd agree, "Uh huh." Amen. It was a great day. Now, Mommy is going to put her feet up and watch an episode or two of "House" before she calls it a night.
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Up from the nap

Look who woke up in a really good mood!

And who wouldn't be in a good mood when her Daddy picks her up after the nap?

Dinner was at El Chico with Uncle Rob, Aunt Tonya, and cousings Ross & Chris. Lydia LOVES chips and salsa and cheese dip. Yep, we eat healthy 24/7 around here.
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So mom can blog all about it. I told you I was blessed.

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More about lunch

Mom's yummy smoked chicken salad. Lydia gives the ranch dressing a taste test. Delicious! And watching a gumball spiral down the machine.
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A little late for lunch

Happily coloring one minute & fussing the next. Clearly, I should have fed Lydia earlier.

Who is this woman trying to horn in on Lydia's picture? Lydia is trying to ignore her existence.
Finally! The french fries at Rib Crib are yummy, and the server was kind enough to keep them in the back until they were cool enough to eat. Don't you just love thoughtful people?
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Then a visit with Meema

Come on, Mommy! Let's go see Meema

Meema's pink cadillac.

She saves Lydia styrafoam cups which Lydia stacks, unstacks, and eventually throw in the trash.
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Busy little bee

Next we threw rocks into the creek behind the house.

Look at Lydia climb the steep stairs back up to the house.
She's still got energy to burn!
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And then

Lydia shows Resin his eye and then a little love.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! "Let's read it," is one of Lydia's favorite phrases.

Hope shows Lydia some love. Unlike Resin, Hope is a real, live dalmatian.
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A day in the life of Lydia

Before Lydia woke up this morning, I checked on one of the blogs I follow to a reminder that today is part of Shanny's PhoBloggy Days. I ran to get a camera & get started!

This is the view from my window. You can tell by the angle of the sunlight that I got to sleep in late (ok, and if you're not talented with the angle of the sun, there's a time stamp at the bottom that should read AM instead of PM). I am blessed!

These two monkeys were the first to greet me in the morning.

Breakfast is yummy Eggo Cinnamon toast. Don't judge me. We split an apple, too. And tomorrow, Daddy is bound to take us to IH0P or Cr*cker B*rrel or he might even scramble eggs & cook turkey bacon.

Lydia dressing herself. I did not pick out any of this ensemble.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

When I grow up

I want my OWN pumpkin patch! I don't think I ever took Drew to one when he was growing up (I'm so sorry, Drew! Either they didn't have them or I never heard about them), but I'm planning on making up for lost time. We'll be driving past the exit on our way to the next home game for the Razorbacks, and I'm hoping Gene will let us make a detour. We might even get a pumpkin for GeGe so he'll have one for Halloween. When Lydia was done running, swinging, climbing, sliding, and waiting in a long line, we sat down with lemonade and apple slices with caramel dip. There were bees all over the place, but I just told Lydia to be gentle so the bees wouldn't get angry. Next year, we may check out more than just one pumpkin patch. And maybe next year my camera battery won't give up the ghost before I'm finished with my trip.
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More Pumpkin Patch

Lydia loved all the playground type equipment the pumpkin patch had available. Slides, swings, and a sandbox were just a few of the thing available to work off some energy. Don't you wish you could squat like Lydia does in the sandbox? I wish I had all the energy she has, but I did share her enthusiasm as she raced from one activity to the next.

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This little piggie

This little pig immediately captured Lydia's attention. Isn't it cute? Can you see the duck in the pen with it? Lydia was beside herself with excitement as she saw DUCKS, geese, goats, pigeons, and calves. She even petted one of the goats. Pumpkins were just a small part of our trip to the pumpkin patch.

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