Monday, August 11, 2008

True Love

Once upon a time my husband bought me a really (I mean REALLY) nice ring to celebrate our 13th anniversary. I went out of town a few months later. As I was checking into my hotel, the desk clerk looked at my hand and said, "WOW! Somebody REALLY loves you!!!"

And while somebody really does love me, my first thought was, "What does love have to do with it?" When I said that to my friend she could not stop laughing. Perhaps she had visions of Tina Turner singing. If someone had a bunch of money, a ring like that might not mean more than, "I think she'd like this." Or it could be leverage for something else. On the other hand, somebody might REALLY love you but may be lacking in money to "show it".

So, I'd like to invite you to read another blogger's account of what I think is a demonstration of true love.


Shelle said...

Now that's true love! My heart melted and I don't even know them.

Michelle said...

Hi Suzy!

Thanks for sharing the link to that blog..truly a sweet story!

I love the photos in the post below of your daughter with all of her animal friends in bed with her...that is EXACTLY what Ella does when it is time to sleep...unfortunately, it is my bed with all of the animals since she sleeps with me! lol!

hope you are having a great week!