Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Referral Day!!!

One year ago today, it was all I could do to focus. I knew from Rumor Queen that a few agencies received their referral packages on the 5th, and we should surely get ours by the 6th. Gene and I took turns calling Harrah's, our adoption agency, so that neither one of us was TOO annoying. I told Gene, "It's a GOOD sign if they don't answer: it means they are too busy processing the referrals to answer the phone!!!" 

And so,I only had a few more (LONG) hours to have my many questions answered (twins? what does she look like? how old is she? WHERE is she? and most importantly in that instant when will this phone RING????). I had high hopes by noon that perhaps we'd get the call while Drew was on his lunch break. So, he and I dawdled at Chile's as long as we could & not get fired hoping for the phone to ring & that we'd conference call Gene. No such luck.

In the end, I got the call around 2pm, and nothing much mattered
except those beautiful words, "You have a daughter!" My co-workers and I squealed over the details, died a thousand deaths waiting for the pictures to be emailed, and I surely died again when I saw my daughter's face for the first time because I felt as if I were in heaven.

Then the next wait began. We waited for our letters of acceptance to be gathered and sent back to China, waited for our travel approval, our consulate appointments & finally the travel dates themselves. All of that waiting was worth it, though, so I'm just reporting the facts - not complaining at all.

Today, Lydia and I visited our local park, had McDonald's, and ate Asian food for supper with Gene, Drew, and 2 of our best friends, Keith & Lisa. What a fantastic Referral Day anniversary!

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