Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crown Me

Growing older is a blessing in so many ways, but in others let's just say - not so much. I've recently had my appendix removed (funny because my brother had his out at almost the same age). I've had lots of fun tests run, and then to cap the whole experience (thus far) off, I broke a tooth at Colton's while we were eating out.

The good news is that my dentist is the BEST. Not only did he make sure I was completely numb and relaxed (as much as I can be during this sort of procedure), but he called tonight to make sure I was fine. He always does that after anything more than a simple filling (maybe he does for that, too, I don't know). So not only do I have a spiffy new temporary crown, but my dentist treats me like a princess. If only I liked crowns as much as tiaras...

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