Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Loving Springtime

Apart from a few days, we've had fantastic weather & Lydia loves to go "side" to play. Not sure that it gets too hot for this Spicy Girl. In the first picture, Lydia is trying to trace her hand. It's her favorite thing to do on children's menus. Of course, you have to go bigger for sidewalk art, and her new and improved, bigger and better art involves lying on the driveway for Mommy to outline her whole body. At one point, I think we had 5 Lydias in the driveway. Sadly, we keep getting rain which washes away our masterpieces. Oh, well, it's fresh canvas for the next one, I guess.
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Trip to the Zoo

These are photos from our first trip to the zoo. Once again, Lydia made it clear that she'd prefer walking to riding. The freedom of running around the zoo was probably more appreciated than the animals. If Lydia couldn't feed them - like the koi, she quickly lost interest. Her little cheeks are bright pink due to the heat & humidity. Hmmm. Reminds me a bit of China....

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Awesome News!!!!

If you're not interested in good news, hearing God's praises, or children who weren't born in China, please hit delete now.

I worked in a daycare for children with special needs - some physical, some behavioral/emotional. I was one of the physical therapists there, and I could handle just about anything (snot, diarrhea, vomiting, blood) except lice. We admitted two little girls who were constantly missing therapy because they had lice. I always wanted to keep the older one, who was on my caseload, at arm's length so I didn't get her "cooties". I did, eventually, come to like this little girl from a disadvantaged family, but I still tried to keep from getting physically close enough to share her bugs if she had them.

I had a doctor's appointment last year, and I was really worried that the visit would reveal something terrible - something that would mess up my impending referral. Well, you can imagine my anxiety (as if just waiting for your referral wasn't enough). I was a little distracted but valiantly trying to carry on with my work that day. As I was walking that little girl to the therapy gym and holding her hand, she took my hand and placed it against her cheek as she said, "Miss Suzy, I love you."

Now, what I ask you, had I done to deserve that love? Nothing that I can think of. As I said, I tried to keep my distance. But just like our Father's love, I didn't have to earn it: it simply was. This little angel was removed from her family's care because it was discovered that she was being abused. Her family wasn't really following up on their counseling they were supposed to be doing, either. I prayed for her as she was placed with her grandmother.

A few months later, I received my referral, went to China to bring home my daughter, and left that job. I still thought about my little friend, but I didn't get to follow her like I did when I worked at that job. Sunday morning, I felt God telling me to get in touch with her. I thought I was supposed to become like a "Big Sister" to her, buy her clothes for school in August, and take her to church if her grandmother would let me. I called to get some contact information to set my plan in action. It's just that that wasn't God's plan at all.

My little angel is being adopted!!! Not by me, but she's going to have an awesome family. She already goes to church and has a family who will finalize that adoption soon. All I can say is that I experienced such joy and relief, I've laughed as I've cried tears of joy for her. I'm so happy that I can barely contain it all. If I hadn't listened to God telling me to see about her, I would have missed out on all of that. He's such an awesome God, and I am so grateful for the blessing of adoption in my life and the lives of others.

I hope you'll join me in thanking Him for His amazing love & blessings (even when we don't think we want or need them),

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fireworks Night

I learned to love football with my dad, but baseball was the game where my mother played match maker. She started taking me to Texas Rangers games when I was fairly young, and baseball was one of my first loves in life. I loved sitting outside in the heat and humidity, I loved the give aways (I wore my Rangers t-shirt completely threadbare), I loved watery carbonated beverages with plastic wrap over the top, I loved stirrup pants, road grays, and oh, my goodness how I loved DOUBLE HEADERS.

Every year, the Razorbacks have Fireworks Night. It's becoming a family tradition, and I hope it continues for a very, very long time. The Diamond Hogs were playing South Carolina this weekend, and for most of the game, it looked like the Hogs were going to lose. Gene asked if I wanted to just leave and skip the fireworks. Uh, NO. I came for fireworks, and I really hate to leave a game early.

After eight and one half innings, the Razorbacks were down by 3 runs. We managed to load the bases AGAIN, and we had 2 outs. After taking a strike, Jacob House hit the highest home run I have ever seen. WoooooooooooHooooooooo!!!! Lydia loved it because I was screaming like a maniac and jumping up and down with her in my arms. She had a big grin like she was just as happy as I was. Firework night was sweeter than ever this year. It wasn't just the walk off grand slam. Being there with Gene & Drew for Lydia's first baseball game just felt so perfectly right. I hope she'll love it as much as I do.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crown Me

Growing older is a blessing in so many ways, but in others let's just say - not so much. I've recently had my appendix removed (funny because my brother had his out at almost the same age). I've had lots of fun tests run, and then to cap the whole experience (thus far) off, I broke a tooth at Colton's while we were eating out.

The good news is that my dentist is the BEST. Not only did he make sure I was completely numb and relaxed (as much as I can be during this sort of procedure), but he called tonight to make sure I was fine. He always does that after anything more than a simple filling (maybe he does for that, too, I don't know). So not only do I have a spiffy new temporary crown, but my dentist treats me like a princess. If only I liked crowns as much as tiaras...