Monday, April 28, 2008

Kidding myself

I had a doctor's appointment today. You know the one. The one every woman dreads every year. I made it worse on myself by NOT getting a mamogram like it was recommended two years ago so I was NAGGED. Fair enough, though, I deserved it. The good news is that even though I was anticipating bad news my blood pressure was just fine.
Gene offered to go to lunch with me following that lovely visit, and I intended to put my tennis shoes on before I met him. I just didn't have time. So, I arrive wearing navy blue scrubs and lavender Crocs. I'll have you know I bought them when my dress code was purple scrubs. Once I bought the Crocs, my former employer switched to navy. I felt the need to confess the reason for wearing the Crocs because Gene hates them. He says they scream, "Look at my feet!!!"
So what's my deep, dark confession? I wore my scrubs and Crocs because they're as light weight as anything I could think of to wear. If they're gonna make me step on the scales wearing shoes (and they rush me through that part of the exam too fast to take off lace up shoes & then you have to go pee in a cup & I'm NOT Brittney Spears going barefoot into an essentially public bathroom where hundreds of women whose aim maybe in question go to pee), I want those shoes to be as light as air. I don't think I should be penalized for having heavy shoes. Do you?


Katie said...

I always wear flip flops that weight virtually nothing when I go to the doc!! Mentally, it makes me feel better!

Shelle said...

OK, have you ever weighed your regular shoes versus the Crocs? You're just silly and Gene is right Crocs do scream "look at my big clown feet"! OK so I embellished his statement slightly but I must confess they are comfy!