Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow Day

I don't like the cold, and I'm not a big fan of the snow. Sure it's pretty before it gets all messy, but BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Cold and wet is worse than just cold.

I woke up to hear my husband say, "It snowed!" "No way," I said and rolled over. But it had snowed what looked like 6 inches, and he insisted I take a picture of Lydia in the snow since it was the first snow we knew of that she'd ever seen.

When Lydia woke up, she didn't look too impressed with the white stuff covering everything. We had breakfast, I had my shower, we got dressed, and ventured into the Great White front yard. Hmmm. She kept looking at her mittens, then at her feet. So I made a snow ball and tossed it to her. Not much reaction. I finally landed one near her right ear which made her smile. I held one out for her to come get. Bless her heart, she was so hesitant. I don't think she's a fan of the cold, either.

I, on the other hand, was having a great time. It wasn't really all that cold. I was comfortable in jeans, a sweatshirt, and gloves. My goal was to help her enjoy the snow, and I thought a snowman would be just the thing. She watched as I rolled the snow and it became a large round lump of snow. She followed me as a made another one and set it on top of the first one.

It's almost a shame this snow came when it did. Snow that's perfect for making a snowman, that doesn't interfere with work or school, and doesn't occur in the bitter cold only happens about once a decade here. So, I really wanted to make this fun for Lydia. She really did seem to find it amusing for me to grab her, dash into the house for snowman accessories, run outside with her, get the accessories on the snowman, then run back for more stuff.

I was really pleased that the snowman turned out so well. I had no carrots, no raisins, no coal - none of the stuff you always hear about for a snowman. We improvised though, and I LOVED this snowman. I've never made one more or less by myself. Lydia stood next to him, and I tried to get her to call the Hogs with him.

By the time we'd gone inside and changed into dry clothes and left for work, the snowman had started to collapse. It was just too warm for the snow to last. There was, however, still a small snowball left Thursday even though all the rest of the snow in the county had long since melted.

I have to say that I praised God all day for the snow, for Lydia, my husband, my son, and my job. I truly believe I've been blessed, and Tuesday was a day I'll always treasure.


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