Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Cute Things Lydia Does

Lydia has become obsessed with belly buttons. She is so proud of hers and never hesitates to expose most of her front half to identify its location if asked, "Where's Lydia's belly button?" The flip side is that she'll come looking for yours, too. It's become our catch phase to get her to stop doing something undesirable. So, if she's about to touch the fireplace tools which are sooty, you can say, "Lydia, where is your belly button," and she'll come running to show you.

Also, Miss Bossy Britches has decided that Mojo, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who so desperately wanted to be her friend, is pretty entertaining. She thinks it's a hoot to act like he's chasing her (even if he's not even looking at her) and run to Mama. She'll watch him the whole time she's rushing to me.

Tonight, she found an even more amusing way to play with Mojo. She'll stand at his crate if he's in it, finger up and lecture him. If he's out of his crate, she'll go near him (again with that index finger up) and tell him to go to his crate. Now, it doesn't matter if Mojo or we can understand the words. The meaning is clear because Miss Bossy Britches will walk over to his crate pointing to its interior with the index finger of which she's so fond.

Finally, and this is the newest and possibly funniest thing: she's interested in people using the bathroom. When Gene goes in and shuts the door, she start talking to him. This progresses to getting down on all fours and trying to look under the door while talking away. Apparently, she'll do it while I'm in the loo, too, but I'm not on the other side of the door to see. I'll have to catch her in the act and get a picture. I'm sure it'd be worth the 60 minutes it would take to upload on the blog.

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Mick, said...

OMG! Mattea and Lydia must have been separated at birth, everything you wrote are her antics to a "T" (or however that saying goes)! I die lauging at Mattea playing with her babies in her crib, lecturing them and I know her finger is wagging at the poor babies. The dogs just ignore her but she thinks she's the boss, I guess that's all that matters. Mattea too is fascinated with her "beep-bo" (the tiny hippopotumus way of saying belly button, of course- I'm sending Lydia that book!)

Merry Christmas guys!

Michelle & Mattea