Monday, December 24, 2007

Miss Mistletoe

Lydia doesn't actually give kisses. She'll lean into you. She'll turn her check, but she doesn't seal the deal. "MMMMMM Muh!" she'll say. There's no smoochy sound at the end, but the intent is clear & we'll take anything we can get.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Cute Things Lydia Does

Lydia has become obsessed with belly buttons. She is so proud of hers and never hesitates to expose most of her front half to identify its location if asked, "Where's Lydia's belly button?" The flip side is that she'll come looking for yours, too. It's become our catch phase to get her to stop doing something undesirable. So, if she's about to touch the fireplace tools which are sooty, you can say, "Lydia, where is your belly button," and she'll come running to show you.

Also, Miss Bossy Britches has decided that Mojo, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who so desperately wanted to be her friend, is pretty entertaining. She thinks it's a hoot to act like he's chasing her (even if he's not even looking at her) and run to Mama. She'll watch him the whole time she's rushing to me.

Tonight, she found an even more amusing way to play with Mojo. She'll stand at his crate if he's in it, finger up and lecture him. If he's out of his crate, she'll go near him (again with that index finger up) and tell him to go to his crate. Now, it doesn't matter if Mojo or we can understand the words. The meaning is clear because Miss Bossy Britches will walk over to his crate pointing to its interior with the index finger of which she's so fond.

Finally, and this is the newest and possibly funniest thing: she's interested in people using the bathroom. When Gene goes in and shuts the door, she start talking to him. This progresses to getting down on all fours and trying to look under the door while talking away. Apparently, she'll do it while I'm in the loo, too, but I'm not on the other side of the door to see. I'll have to catch her in the act and get a picture. I'm sure it'd be worth the 60 minutes it would take to upload on the blog.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Slower than Christmas

Ok, I'll admit it. I am. Usually, I get Christmas cards out with a realistic expectation of them arriving BEFORE Christmas. For many of you, that will not be happening this year. My beloved husband even pointed out that someone else we know included a Family Update and that he'd always thought that was something I would do, too. Well, if you read the blog, you might have an idea all year long. In any case, I'll do a brief version right here:

Suzy worked her tail end off for the first 7 months of the year: 40 hours/week at the pediatric daycare and 3-9 hours of home health after that.

Drew left UofA for UALR.

Gene continues to work for the most remarkable company on the planet.

We continue to attend a fantastic church.

Gene & Suzy attended "A Weekend to Remember" and highly recommend it to others when it comes to your neck of the woods.

We received our referral for our daughter, Lydia, from China.

Gene & Suzy traveled to China, and Lydia returned home with them.

Suzy resigned from the daycare and only does home health part time now!

We got a new heating unit, new refrigerator, new oven, new dishwasher, and new microwave.

I started blogging!

When we get something faster than dial up, I'll post more pictures. I PROMISE!!!

The house is a mess quite often, I can't seem to sit down in front of the sewing machine, and I wonder how it is that I used to work so much and still send out Christmas cards. BUT (yes, it's a really big but) I am happier than I have ever been, and I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life.

Merry, Merry Christmas to all of you!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ten Things You Might Not Already Know About Me

1. I love how people over a certain age keep their houses toasty warm in the winter.

2. The scent of candles almost always makes me sick - I'm either nauseated or get a terrible headache. The exception seems to be cookie (Christmas or butter) scented candles.

3. My favorite times to cook are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

4. I married one of the first guys I ever dated -so you can count them all on the fingers of one hand.

5. I really, really wish I could sing and dance - but I don't do either.

6. I ADORE, COVET, LOVE tiaras.

7. I want to go back to China (I may have mentioned that to a few people)

8. I prefer not knowing what I am getting for Christmas. PLEASE do NOT tell me what I will be getting. PLEASE!!!!

9. My 10th grade biology teacher had a profound effect (if that's supposed to be affect, you'll have to forgive me. I used to know the difference but someone recently confused me about it.) on my life. Her love of the subject was infectious, and my education took a different direction because of Mrs. Joyce Parnell.

10. I love taking pictures but don't really enjoy having mine taken. I'd share the pictures I've taken more often if I had DSL or anything faster than dial up.