Thursday, October 4, 2007

How funny

Tonight Gene asked me if all babies were as funny as Lydia. Of course they aren't! Some babies are serious, some are cranky, and some take a while to come out of their shells. Lydia, however, is amusing - even to herself.

This whole conversation started when she came over to me, buried her face in my midriff and repeatedly turned her head right to left and back. I picked her up and did the same thing to her. She SQUEALED with laughter.

Some of Lydia's other laughter inducing tricks:
*She dives for me when the phone rings so she can participate in the call.
*She'll splash until she falls over in the tub
*Almost any bad mood can be fixed by taking her picture
*She'll chase you laughing all the way if you crawl out of the room - the faster you crawl, the harder she laughs
*She'll play peekaboo with just about anything you could hide your eyes behind
*Watching her interact with her reflection is sure to make me laugh
*She loves to point her index finger while speaking
*She's learning to call the Hogs, but sometimes she point her index fingers (see above) instead of wiggling all 10 fingers over her head.
And other things she does are just spontaneous, never to be repeated funny little things she does. She's got a funny big grin that is likely to get her out trouble - you know, if she ever does anything wrong...


Katie said...

OK...I want to come over and watch you crawl as fast as you can out of her room to make her laugh!! Then there will be 2 of us laughing!!

Mick, said...

I think Lydia and Mattea were cut from the same fabric. She cracks herself up at least a dozen times a day and she plays peek-a-boo with the dogs whether they participate or not. However, when I pull out the camera she usually becomes uncooperative, I have to be sneaky to get any photos of her laughing or smiling. When she knows I want her to do something she turns into a complete stinker and seems to enjoy every second of it! Aren't they the best though? It's just non-stop fun around here.