Thursday, September 27, 2007

Waste not, want not

Before I ever met Lydia, before I even saw her picture, I shopped for her just like any mom in waiting does. It's trickier when you're adopting internationally, though, because you have no idea how old your child will be and recently with China adoption - you have no idea what the season will be when you'll be meeting your child. So, I had visions of MY daughter being quite petite in winter, and I bought heavy duty winter wear. You know, the cute snowsuit kind of thing that is oh so practical and necessary in central Arkansas?
Lydia just turned a year old in September, she's on target for her age in height, and she's unlikely to need any of those outfits that would keep an Eskimo warm. I decided to send them to China with a mom who is adopting a child from Lydia's orphanage. My head said it was a good decision. My heart said, "Oh! But she would have been sooooo cute in them!" While it's still warm here, my head told my heart, "Just put them on her and take a picture!" So, I did. I knew she'd be cute!

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Katie said...

OF COURSE she's cute in them!!! She is cute in anything she puts on!!! (especially a bow....which we have to break the habit of hating them!!!)