Saturday, September 8, 2007

To Do List

It's funny that even with "all this time off" I still can't seem to get everything done. Poor Gene had a stomach bug this morning and didn't get to do his "To Do List" for the day, either. Luckily, I may be able to check off several of the items on his list for him next week. Here are a few things I really need to do in no particular order:
1. Print pictures.
2. Give away the gifts from China so I can see the dining room table and the entire living room floor.
3. Finish the curtains for Lydia's room.
4. Clean up the computer/sewing room once the curtains are done - It's quite scary in here.
5. Teach Lydia about an "inside" voice so we can eat in relative peace.
6. Arrange for child care for when I have to go back to work (really finalize the plans I have already).
7. Make plans for Lydia's first birthday party. Heaven help me this one alone could generate several more To Do Lists!
8. Have professional pictures taken
9. Get my hair cut
10. Start exercising again

There's more, and I know I'll think of several the moment my head hits the pillow and still more as I am on the brink of sleeping.

Two things Gene did get checked off of his list: Make scrambled eggs for Lydia's breakfast and take her to the county fair. I'll post pictures later!

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