Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday plus pictures from Saturday

Today Lydia went to the church nursery for the first time. She seemed content when we left and did ok for a while. A diaper change became necessary, and it seems Lydia doesn't want just any woman to change her diaper - it's mom or no one! She did, however, love meeting Shannon, our new (male) associate pastor. You can bet I sprinted over to the nursery to see how things were going and was relieved to see her playing happily with Shannon.

Yesterday, Lydia was so tired that she fell asleep eating in her highchair. It was actually pretty funny to watch. One moment she was eating as fast as I could feed her and the next she sort of clamped her eyes shut and was down for the count.Of course there is a picture!

One of our dogs, Mojo, is desperate to become Lydia's friend. He's been very patient and very good in his attempts. One evening she was sitting on the floor looking in another direction so her sat down next to her. I'm sorry to say that what ensued could have been on Funniest Home Videos, but it was sad for both Mojo and Lydia. He'll win her over, though. He's a very sweet and persistent dog.

MORE PICTURES (our trip to the county fair):

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