Thursday, September 6, 2007

One month anniversary

It's hard to believe Lydia has been with us for a whole month. How her life (and ours, too) has changed! Be sure to check out the previous 3 posts for updates and pictures if you haven't been here in the last few days.

I saw my first home health patient since returning home. She just got out of the hospital, and I didn't want to turn her over to anyone else (even though Katie is a fantastic PT and the other PTs are, too). Gene asked if I remembered how to do "PT". Yes, it's like being a mom: it comes back to you.

Please be praying for one of my co-workers from my full time job, Shiquita. She had a stroke, and I am hoping for a full recovery. Shiquita has 2 little boys who need their mother, and she's a lovely person.

Ok, back to Lydia: she's crawling like a pro, her hair is really growing, she's so smart and even funnier, and I love to taking her places and doing new things with her. It's 13 days to her birthday! I must plan a party for the little empress. She will not tolerate anything in her hair or on her head - which is a shame since I bought so many cute hats for her. People are just going to have to recognize her royalty without the tiara to clue them in. It's a good thing I never earned one, though, because I'm afraid I'd still be wearing it. TTFN!

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Katie said...

WOW!!! I cannot believe it has already been a month!! You have to let me know about the big birthday plans. Love the pics and so glad that you are back into the "home-health" scene!!