Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthdays Week

We celebrated Lydia's birthday last Saturday with friends and family and CAKE! Then we celebrated again on Wednesday when the folks with whom Gene works gave her a combination shower/welcome to America/birthday party! I was overwhelmed by their generosity. My husband is one lucky guy to work for such an awesome company and with such wonderful people.

Last night we went out to eat because a)our downstairs air conditioner's fan unit went out and b)Gene has a birthday today! We were so lucky because there is a guy there on Thursdays who plays keyboard and sings. Lydia was convinced we'd arrived in heaven: food AND music!!! You've gotta love the big cheesy smile this earned. It was almost hard to feed her with her wiggling, bouncing and swaying to the music. I doubt that gentleman has ever had a more enthusiastic or appreciative audience. As we were walking to the van, Gene was singing (to the tune of I like to eat, eat, eat apples & bananas), "I like to eat, eat, eat Casa Mexicana."

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Mick, said...

Happy (belated) Birthdays
Lydia and Gene!!! Mattea and Lydia would have fun together, she loves to eat and sway, bop and do a little head-banging to the music- anything with a good beat, she's not too fussy! Hope all is well and keep the photos coming!

Tim, Michelle and Mattea