Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday-the Embroidery Factory

If you've followed enough adoption blogs, you've read about the embroidery in Changsha. You may even think, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Embroidery." Well, in person, it IS so incredible. Guys, there are enormous pieces which look like photos or paintings right down to texture. There are pieces that have one picture on one side of the silk and a different picture on the other side of the same piece of silk. They don't use knots. Of all the artistry we've seen so far, this is the most amazing. I'm going to include a picture of the dalmatian just because I want my "dog" friends to appreciate how intricate this is. This particular picture is the same on the front and the back.

This picture is HUGE. I think Mao is taller than I am. We purchased one picture and a few boxes with embroidery on them. There used to be 4 different types of embroidery that were from 4 different provinces. Now, only the Hunan style remains.

On a more personal note, Lydia is really warming up to us. She really enjoys walkers, and she can scoot around with pretty impressive speed and control. After her nap, Lydia was able to check out the pool. She warmed up to the experience more than she did to her bath. Since she loves to swing her arms, she managed to do a fair amount of splashing.


Diane Caine said...

the smile is beautiful and must light up your heart every time you see it..she is such a lucky little one to have such a wonderful mom & dad and BIG brother..and you are so lucky to have her...have a wonderful time..we miss you..Diane, Mom Violet and Buttons & Bailey(sounds like a circus act..LOL..)

Donna and Michael said...

Hi Suzy,
This is Donna. We emailed a couple of times before last month about our dogs. I also have a dalmatian only she is liver spotted. I am Jiang Ru's (Tessa)mom, Lydian's cribmate. I am so sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. We just returned home on 8/8. It seems like you are a week behind us. In our group all of the other children met their cribmates and it was wonderful to see them react to each other and how well they got along. Enjoy your time in China. Prepare for Gongzhou. It's wonderful there. My blog is

Charlotte said...


Looks like you are having fun ! Can the FCC greet you at the airport next week ? And do you want meals too ?


Jodi said...

She is so beautiful! Mary Grace and I are following along!
What size is she?
So happy for your family!