Sunday, August 5, 2007

She's here!

Here's Lydia with a nanny.

Our group met downstairs at 10am, we were at the civil affairs office by 10:30, and by virtue of having the last name starting with "B" we received our baby first. XiXi is soooo funny. She said we didn't pay any extra to get our baby first, it was just the order of the list, and we had the only baby from our orphanage. A lady checked our passports and then Lydia was handed over to us.

She wasn't exactly happy to meet us, but she snuggled right into my shoulder as she cried for just a minute. Any time we handed her back or forth she'd whimper a little, and then she would settle down. She was wearing an adoreable little outfit with ladybugs on it. Even in China they must believe in Cinderella. Lydia lost a shoe as they were handing her over to us. When we put it back on, the other one fell off.

It turns out that the many parents who have adopted before us know what they are talking about: she likes Cheerios and stacking cups. I think she really enjoys all sorts of toys, though, because she played with a few of the other toys we brought.

Our little angel (who may wake up to be a bit less angelic) is sleeping right now.


Charlotte said...

She is beautiful ! A true Arkansan !


Kristi said...

She is beautiful!! Congratulations!

Would you please tell Xixi that we said hello? We absolutely love her.


fivekidz said...

What a beautiful day and a wonderful transition... so far..
keep those cups and cherrios handy... enjoy enjoy enjoy

Kristi M. said...

She is precious! I am sitting here at work crying reading all about her and seeing the pics.
Have a great trip. I bet you can't wait to get her home.