Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One more thing to do & then we're coming to America

The last thing to check off of the "To Do" list is go to the swearing in ceremony at the US Consulate. Our guide, XiXi, will pick up Lydia's passport, and we'll be off to the airport. Our flight leaves at about 8AM Arkansas time, and we get to LAX at 8PM Arkansas time. Again, I know you wish you could be with us on a plane full of babies for a 12 hour flight, but you'll have to settle for meeting us at the airport at 4:10 PM Arkansas time. This was at the medical exam.

Getting ready for the "Red Couch" photo shoot Lydia's friends, Mattea and Claire are on the right side of the photo. Lydia was quite happy to sit for a photo until everyone else's distress made her wonder if she shouldn't be upset, too.

Our travel group:

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Diane Caine said...

Good Morning..I hope you got home safely..please e-mail me or call my cell & let me know you are home...dcaine@glennnational.com or call 501-326-7868..give the little one a hug for us..mom and I can't wait to meet her..we sure miss you..Diane, Mom Violet & Bailey & Buttons