Sunday, August 5, 2007

One more day!!!

Li River fisherman on bamboo raft

We'll be meeting Lydia tomorrow!

Today we took a 12 hour train ride in a soft sleeper car from Guilin to Changsha. 12 hours is a long time to do just about anything, but we had good company and decent air conditioning. It's a pretty good way to see a lot of China in one day. What I don't recommend is squatty potty use on a moving train. The problem is that they lock the bathroom while stopped at a station.

Yesterday we visited Jiang Yong, the town where Lydia lives. We met the orphanage director and the assistant director of the Civil Affairs Office. We had lunch at the only local restaurant with an air conditioned room. It was nice to see where Lydia has spent most of her first year. Because we believe Lydia will want to know where she lived and what it was like when she lived there, we thought it was important to make the trip. Lydia's orphanage director said she is quite naughty and had a spicy temper. Later, the spicy food had a rather undesirable effect on my digestive system. I'll have to add pics later since Gene hasn't added them to the computer.

If you've ever wondered if the pictures of China were old or staged when you see people plowing with a water buffalo, or wearing the pointed hats, the answer is that they still do things in the traditional way. We've not seen anyone using a small tractor or much of anything mechanical except a tiller and a rice husker (dethatcher?).

Friday we floated down the Li River. The scenery was really great, but one of the best parts was meeting a speech therapist and her engineer husband who were both from England. They were interesting travel companions on the long float - great conversationalists! I hope they'll read the blog or email me to keep in touch.

We spent the night in Yang Shou. Yang Shou is FUN! It's a lot like Mexico in that there were stalls and shops with vendors everywhere. You're expected to bargain for everything, and Gene is pretty firm in what he decides he'll pay for something.

We had dinner with the Oetjen family: wood fired pizza, fairly cold coke, and later an ice cream bar. Finally, we went to the local show. You would NEVER believe the scale of what they accomplish in that little river town. The director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon helped create it (he's also doing the opening and closing ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics), and it is really spectacular. If you're ever in Yang Shou and it isn't raining, you should go. It's held once or twice a night.

Ok, hopefully lots more great stuff to report tomorrow! If you're from Fellowship or really anywhere and want to pray for Lydia and us, we'd appreciate your prayers. Her whole life will be changed tomorrow, and we pray that God will show us the best way to help her through those changes, that she will be healthy, and that we will be equal to the task of being good, loving parents to her.

Good night!

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Charlotte said...

Suzy !

It's finally here ! Can't wait to hear you got that naughty spicy little girl in your arms forever ! We know the wait has been so hard for you and Gene and it finally paying off, for when they place her in yours arms you'll know she was the little girl you always dreamed of and she is yours !