Wednesday, August 1, 2007

No pics for now, but here's what's happening

We've had the most incredible time, but our internet access has been pitiful in spite of the incredibly high price we're paying for it. Gene deleted all the pictures on the camera for today when I was trying to copy them. So if you want to see the Jade factory, the Great Wall, the cloisonne factory, or the Summer Palace, you'll have to go to China and see them yourself.

Yesterday was fantastic. We went to the Forbidden City, we toured a very old neighborhood and had lunch at a family's home. Then we went on a rickshaw ride that would have topped most amusement park attractions for thrills. Traffic in China is anything but boring. The food has been so fantastic! The Chinese Acrobats are phenominal. I've learned that not all tea is icky. It turns out I like hot oolong tea way more than I ever liked iced tea...

My friends I've made over the years because of the dogs will have to ask me about the cocker spaniel we saw today. It would be great if I still had the picture, but I'll tell you all about it if you call when I get home.

Hopefully, I'll have more time to post and better access tomorrow pm. We fly out to Guilin tomorrow. I've been thinking about my friends from work, play, and church. I'm praying for a dear lady who fell and broke 3 vertebrae. I hope you'll pray for her, too.

We meet Lydia in 4 days!!!

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